Wednesday, 3 April 2024

Introducing the New Consultancy Edition from Bidhive: A Game-Changer for Bid Consulting Firms

by Berkeley Lovelace

Introducing the New Consultancy Edition from Bidhive: A Game-Changer for Bid Consulting Firms

Bidhive is excited to launch our newest offering, the Bidhive Consultancy Edition, designed specifically for work winning consulting firms.  Our comprehensive end-to-end bid and proposal management platform has been designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and provide complete oversight of practice activity.

Understanding the unique needs of consultants, the Bidhive Consultancy Edition offers a suite of features that facilitate planning, managing, and tracking of contract bidding activity, all within a single, user-friendly interface. This includes capabilities for opportunity qualification, submission management, competitor tracking, customer feedback, and performance outcome analytics.

A key feature of the Bidhive Consultancy Edition is the single sign-on, which provides secure access to multiple client instances. This is complemented by a unified planning calendar and a global dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view of resource allocation, bid progress, and win/loss results. There is also the optional AI Assist module which is containerised from other customer instances.

The Bidhive Consultancy Edition is more than just a tool; it’s a partner in growth. Whether you’re a small practice starting out, or a large consultancy working as an outsourced bid desk, Bidhive is here to support and grow with you.

We are proud to be working with Baxendale, a UK-based specialist management consultancy, and Ocean City Bids, a specialist bid and tender consultancy. Both have chosen Bidhive to support their growing bidding consultancy practices.

Debbie Oxberry, Senior Bid Manager at Baxendale, shares, “We were looking for a bid management tool that ensured protection of our clients’ IP by keeping all their bids separate. With Bidhive, we can do that by having separate instances of the application for each client, eliminating any possibility of cross-over. We are really excited about streamlining our bid processes using the new Consultancy Edition of Bidhive, making producing winning bids easier and quicker.”

Shaun Ford, Director at Ocean City Bids, echoes this sentiment. “In establishing a bid consulting business, it was important to us to select a platform provider that understood bidding. We opted to utilise Bidhive as the most intuitive and adaptable tool for the job, establishing ring-fenced logins for our customers to view their bids and content. We are excited to use the new Consultancy Edition of Bidhive to further-protect our clients’ data, whilst giving us the tools to seamlessly work with each client within the platform, supporting our bid-winning activities.”

Bidhive’s Consultancy Edition caters specifically to the multifaceted demands of consultants by providing a central console that allows for comprehensive control, management, and oversight of all client instances. Consultants can invite their clients in to collaborate on a bid if required.  Bidhive’s core platform product extension underpin Bidhive’s commitment to delivering value by ensuring that consultants can effectively manage numerous clients and stakeholders wherever they are located, without missing any crucial details.

With Bidhive’s new Consultancy Edition, consultants can now focus on what they do best – winning bids – while we take care of the rest. To learn more about how Bidhive can support your practice, please feel free to reach out to our team.


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