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I Never Book a Flight Without First Using This Free Tool

by Rose White

I Never Book a Flight Without First Using This Free Tool

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Travel is a passion of mine. So, it probably comes as no surprise that my vacation savings fund is an expense I prioritize and include in my budget. Every two weeks, I stash away money to cover the cost of my next trip. But I also do what I can to minimize overspending on travel costs.

Since I like to travel internationally, flight costs are one of my major travel expenses. Booking flight deals allows me to stay on budget. Before booking plane tickets, I use a free tool to compare airfare prices.

Use airfare pricing tools to keep more money in your pocket

When planning a trip, you shouldn’t visit your favorite airline’s website until you’re ready to buy your tickets. Most airline websites lack powerful price comparison tools. You could spend much more than necessary if you purchase a ticket without doing thorough research.

For this reason, I like to use an airfare price comparison tool. One of my favorite tools is Google Flights, because it features a user-friendly interface and has many search filters. Searching for airfare and comparing prices across multiple airlines is a breeze when using this tool.

One of my favorite Google Flights features is the ability to compare airfare prices by date. After searching for my preferred travel dates, I can select the price graph or dates grid to determine whether flying on different dates could save me money on airfare costs.

These built-in features allow me to plan my vacation around when airfare costs are cheaper. Since I’m a freelancer, I have a more flexible schedule than the average person. Once I find a flight that suits my budget, I book directly with the airline.

If you plan to buy airfare for an upcoming trip, I encourage you to use airfare search tools so you get the best deal. You may find that adjusting your travel dates or flying with a different airline results in major savings. By getting a deal on airfare, you can stretch your vacation budget further and have more money to spend at your destination.

Don’t ignore this unique feature

I have another tip to share if you want to score cheap flight tickets. Instead of starting your airfare search with a destination in mind, you may want to compare prices for various destinations worldwide. Enter your departure city and choose “Anywhere” for your arrival.

Doing this lets you compare prices for multiple destinations to find the cheapest flights available for your preferred travel dates. If you have an adventurous spirit and love a good travel deal, this may help you see more of the world without spending all the cash in your bank account.

Get rewarded when you spend money on travel

Many of us use credit cards to pay for travel expenses. But consider which credit card you use before making a reservation. You’re missing out if you don’t have a card that earns rewards. You could earn points, miles, or cash back when you make purchases with your credit cards.

If you travel often, one of the best travel rewards credit cards could prove valuable. You could earn rewards and access credit card benefits that help to improve your travel experience. Before booking airfare for a trip, consider applying for one of these rewards credit cards.

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