Thursday, 14 December 2023

Own A Piece Of Infamy: Trump NFT Sale Features Snippets From Mugshot Attire

by Rose White

Donald Trump has added a twist to his most recent NFT sales pitch and discovered a new method to profit on his controversial mugshot.

The former US president has released a new deck of digital trading cards that will allow admirers to purchase a piece of the suit he wore during his most recent arrest in addition to dining with him.

Trump said on Tuesday that he would be reselling NFT digital trading cards, a product he first introduced in late 2022, for $99, and that pieces of the suit he wore for the picture will be available for purchase.

Trump NFTs: Gala, Zoom, Historical Suit

Bonuses from prior Trump NFT drops included the chance to attend a gala dinner with the president and receive Zoom calls.

On the website advertising the NFT drop and extra items, Trump refers to the suit he wore as “the most historically significant artifact in United States history.”

He conceded that he wasn’t nearly as cool as they made him out to be and said that some people refer to his trading cards as “pop art” or “contemporary art.”

“I wish I looked as good as I do on these cards […] they give me muscles where — believe me — I don’t have them,” Trump said.

And here’s more. A unique trading card with a fragment of Trump’s suit and a sliver of his photo tie will be yours if you are among the first 200 individuals to purchase 100 digital trading cards using bitcoin in a single transaction—equivalent to over $10,000 worth of Trump NFTs.

His picture was taken on August 24 at a jail in the Atlanta locale, where Trump was being held on state accusations of plotting to reverse his Georgian election defeat in 2020.

Trump has entered a not guilty plea to the felony accusations.

Trump’s NFT Surge: ‘Non-Political Cards’

The current offer states that the cards are “not political and have nothing to do with any political campaign,” just like the first round of card sales.

With the introduction of the “Mugshot Edition,” trading volume for Trump’s first set of digital trading cards, which was launched in December 2022, increased by more than 200% in the final day.

OpenSea data shows that although the 24-hour spike is noteworthy, the total volume registered below $100,000.

NFT INT LLC, which has a license arrangement with Trump to use his name and image, produces and sells the cards.

Trump said that the offer for the digital card for 2022 sold out in a matter of hours. Later on, he claimed to have made between $100,000 and $1 million from the sale. In April, he issued a second set of 47,000 cards.

According to records made public by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Trump has previously been named as the manager, president, secretary, and treasurer of CIC Digital LLC.

These records from August revealed that the former president has made at least $4.9 million from NFT licensing fees and possesses up to $5 million worth of ether.

Featured image from Getty Images