Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
961516Traffic management servicesWATodayClosing Soon
960883CatererNSWTodayClosing Soon
960166Concessional hire of facilitiesNSWTodayClosing Soon
959934Public relation agenciesALLTodayClosing Soon
954911Community Contribution FundWATodayClosing Soon
953726Sale of lots - Light industrial areaALLTodayClosing Soon
962488Agile / lean training, coaching, facilitation and consultancy servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
961406Legal practice business improvement and process redesign specialistNSWTodayClosing Soon
961303App content review, design, development, publishing and maintenanceVICTodayClosing Soon
961302Website user research, content strategy, redesign and developmentVICTodayClosing Soon
960842Notice: Commercial office spaceNSWTodayClosing Soon
956535Barracks facilities upgrades and electrical complianceQLDTodayClosing Soon
963039PABXO/STodayClosing Soon
962088DWDM system installationO/STodayClosing Soon
961567Full size SUVACTTodayClosing Soon
961668Solid waste collection servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
961135Installation of toilets at tourist hotspotsNZTodayClosing Soon
961008Disposable microfibre cleaning clothsNZTodayClosing Soon
960712Sale of vehiclesNSWTodayClosing Soon
960471Aquatic centre renewal worksWATodayClosing Soon
960271National screening unit laboratory servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
960086Sportsground re-levelling, turf & irrigation upgradeNSWTodayClosing Soon
959933Civil worksO/STodayClosing Soon
959757Removal, relocation and demolition of buildingsO/STodayClosing Soon
959251Design and construct gross pollutant trapQLDTodayClosing Soon
958878Sale of refuse truck / compactorSATodayClosing Soon
958828Comprehensive heritage study (environmental)NSWTodayClosing Soon
958035Regional Arts Development FundQLDTodayClosing Soon
958031Community Project GrantQLDTodayClosing Soon
957790Pressure pipeNSWTodayClosing Soon
957819CNG refueling stations maintenanceQLDTodayClosing Soon
956949Road upgradeQLDTodayClosing Soon
955679Unmanned ground vehicles & neutralisation systemsNZTodayClosing Soon
962459Issue of treasury bondsALLTodayClosing Soon
961132ENT microscopesWATodayClosing Soon
959179Cleaning servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
954102Manufacture and deliver park facilitiesNSWTodayClosing Soon
959461Solar installationNSWTodayClosing Soon
959204LED streetlight upgrade and maintenanceNZTodayClosing Soon
958934Planting and maintenance of sitesNSWTodayClosing Soon
960312Unsealed (gravel) road maintenanceNSWTodayClosing Soon
962423Concrete aggregateSATodayClosing Soon
958490Antiseptic applicators for skin preparation prior to venepunctureALLTodayClosing Soon
962633Notice - Industry consultation session: property general maintenanceTASTodayClosing Soon
962565Specialist riggingQLDTodayClosing Soon
962634Sale of business assets - Bar & eateryVICTodayClosing Soon
962563Freight forwarding and customs clearanceQLDTodayClosing Soon
962564Staging and roof systemsQLDTodayClosing Soon
962388Sale of motorcycleNZTodayClosing Soon
961866Reseal package 1 (Southern sites)QLDTodayClosing Soon
961643IT Consultancy Services - Online Solution (Website / Publication consolidation)NSWTodayClosing Soon
961468Construction worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
961498Lawn and garden maintenance, light bollards, water meters etcQLDTodayClosing Soon
961416Bedside medical device integration & end user computing componentsQLDTodayClosing Soon
961402Limestone rubbleSATodayClosing Soon
961267Rubble raising & crushingSATodayClosing Soon
961011Main contractor for school block redevelopmentNZTodayClosing Soon
961042Notice: Additional pharmaceuticalsNZTodayClosing Soon
960785Pool filtration upgradeSATodayClosing Soon
960288Main contractors for college projectNZTodayClosing Soon
960232Lychee marketing campaignALLTodayClosing Soon
959921Building contractor for space conversion works (incl. electrical works)NZTodayClosing Soon
959917Asbestos clearance & boiler roofNZTodayClosing Soon
959924Main contractor for roofing worksNZTodayClosing Soon
959925Toilet block upgradeNZTodayClosing Soon
959926Special education property modifications main contractor servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
959687Main contractor - school block ILE refurbishmentNZTodayClosing Soon
959701Sale of propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
959557Pest plant controlNZTodayClosing Soon
959559Sale of beachside propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
959122Service delivery knowledge base solutionQLDTodayClosing Soon
959081Sale of homeQLDTodayClosing Soon
959135Land for development of hospitalNSWTodayClosing Soon
958959Ash disposal & civil works at power station waste containment facilityQLDTodayClosing Soon
958524Hosting of golf dayVICTodayClosing Soon
958386SAFEMEAT secretariat servicesSATodayClosing Soon
957847Licence to commercialise digital platform (farming / agri-tourism)ALLTodayClosing Soon
957082SHARE Community GrantsVICTodayClosing Soon
956854Alterations to courthouseQLDTodayClosing Soon
956748PR16002 - National Persimmon Varietal Improvement Program 2017-20ALLTodayClosing Soon
961462ForkliftSATodayClosing Soon
960902Video conferencing systemVICTodayClosing Soon
959171Tsunami warning mass notification siren systemO/STodayClosing Soon
960682Roadside weed and pest controlVICTodayClosing Soon
959021Works for cell / lift and construction of clay linerVICTodayClosing Soon
960665Mobile forensic facility (incl. training program)ALLTodayClosing Soon
962727Design & build services for redevelopment of parkO/STodayClosing Soon
962383Community Grants Program (Minor category)VICTodayClosing Soon
962215Various services for office complexO/STodayClosing Soon
962214Sale of boat trailer & large fishing spoolO/STodayClosing Soon
962078Road improvementsNZTodayClosing Soon
961840Operation of canteenVICTodayClosing Soon
961537Legal services (incl. training contracts & real estate transactions)VICTodayClosing Soon
961620Network switchesNZTodayClosing Soon
961157Professional services for pavement rehabilitation (panel)NZTodayClosing Soon
961195Sector support, development & advocacy incl. legal assistanceWATodayClosing Soon
960793Patching and resealing of internal roadsNTTodayClosing Soon
960570Sale of irrigation infrastructure used itemsNSWTodayClosing Soon
960631Design & construction of sports facilityO/STodayClosing Soon
960202Drop deck trailerQLDTodayClosing Soon
960362Wastewater pipeline rehabilitationNZTodayClosing Soon
960110Main contractor - block ILE redevelopment plus deck & canopyNZTodayClosing Soon
959842Operation of mobile business servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
959981Road to railway line construction works (incl. tree clearance)NZTodayClosing Soon
959455Record management & off site storage servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
958790Cleaning of war memorial complexNZTodayClosing Soon
958461Early contractor involvement, design and construction of bridgesNSWTodayClosing Soon
957976National electronic health recordNZTodayClosing Soon
957926Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZTodayClosing Soon
956782Water Supply Hardware for Outer Island Projects, KiribatiALLTodayClosing Soon
956898Water supply hardwareO/STodayClosing Soon
956016Sale of landQLDTodayClosing Soon
954278Long term ground lease redevelopment opportunityWATodayClosing Soon
959675Feasibility study & business plan for centre extensionsNSWTodayClosing Soon
958484Land development / construction (design & build / finance)O/STodayClosing Soon
957230Reservoir rehabilitationNZTodayClosing Soon
959102SharePoint specialist business analystVICTodayClosing Soon
957772Design & construction of dwellingsVICTodayClosing Soon
957936Design & construction of dwellingsNSWTodayClosing Soon
963400Video editing programmeO/STodayClosing Soon
963399ScannerO/STodayClosing Soon
962471Geographical information system and databasesO/STodayClosing Soon
962087Sale of penthouse apartmentVICTodayClosing Soon
961649Vehicles & plantO/STodayClosing Soon
961381Data centre core network switchesO/STodayClosing Soon
961010Reinsurance broking servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
961006Science and agriculture facility refurbishmentQLDTodayClosing Soon
960211Event SponsorshipSATodayClosing Soon
960379Depot amenities building - design & constructionNSWTodayClosing Soon
959799Canteen licenceNSWTodayClosing Soon
959735Installation of a branch sewerVICTodayClosing Soon
958904Sale of mansionALLTodayClosing Soon
958307Plant and equipment hire systemALLTodayClosing Soon
957489Coastal erosion and landslip site worksTASTodayClosing Soon
956276Maintenance of elevated structureWATodayClosing Soon
962754Installation of transportable pre primary, sheds & UATWATodayClosing Soon
962493Door replacementsWATodayClosing Soon
961305Relocation of water mainsWATodayClosing Soon
961130Reagents for C-reactive protein testingWATodayClosing Soon
960374Fire detection systems upgrade (various works)WATodayClosing Soon
959153Business case development servicesWATodayClosing Soon
960865Survey servicesWATodayClosing Soon
959376Active Healthy NQ Grants - Health PromotionQLDTodayClosing Soon
962080Aerodrome consultancy servicesWATodayClosing Soon
961699Main package works for upgrade projectNSWTodayClosing Soon
960873Finance, administrative support & human resources/organisation development servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
960805Tunnel, stations & development (various woks)QLDTodayClosing Soon
960803Sale of buildingVICTodayClosing Soon
960714Landscape architectural design consultancy services (panel)SATodayClosing Soon
960593Provision of school uniformsQLDTodayClosing Soon
960600Car park improvementsNZTodayClosing Soon
960558Bus priority and capacity improvement projectNSWTodayClosing Soon
960243Design of skatepark for dayelsford community parkVICTodayClosing Soon
960378Communication centre re-location and upgrade - communication and securityQLDTodayClosing Soon
960384Memorial baths flood repairs - enabling worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
960013Win, crush & stockpile gravelQLDTodayClosing Soon
960102Sports field led lightsNSWTodayClosing Soon
959884Construction of pipeline (Southern)VICTodayClosing Soon
959882Construction of pipeline (Northern)VICTodayClosing Soon
959291Intersections and library frontage upgrade worksVICTodayClosing Soon
959127Solar photovoltaic panel array (incl. partner / sponsor opportunity)NZTodayClosing Soon
958921Waste water treatment plant design & constructionVICTodayClosing Soon
958912City centre streetscape designNZTodayClosing Soon
958745Media monitoring servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
958626NGO Drug and alcohol aftercare services (community support program)NSWTodayClosing Soon
958093Building maintenance workVICTodayClosing Soon
957596Construction and restoration of trailSATodayClosing Soon
962216Sale of cage trailerNZTodayClosing Soon
961888Combi-liftNZTodayClosing Soon
961423New effluent dispersal linesNZTodayClosing Soon
960611HPMV bridge strengthening programmeNZTodayClosing Soon
959903Irrigation services (works, design & supply of parts)SATodayClosing Soon
963164Asbestos abatement, bathroom renovation, electrical upgrade & garden / weed slashingNTTodayClosing Soon
962914Relocation of gravesO/STodayClosing Soon
962903Heavy duty photocopierO/STodayClosing Soon
962904Work station cubiclesO/STodayClosing Soon
962665Mobile per diem payment services for health workersO/STodayClosing Soon
962701SDG baseline database consultancyO/STodayClosing Soon
962666Mobile payment services for health emergency responseO/STodayClosing Soon
962731Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZTodayClosing Soon
962724Health & wellbeing complex - various subcontractorsQLDTodayClosing Soon
962614PLC control system equipment, storage facility supply & installationNSWTodayClosing Soon
962332Vehicle insuranceO/STodayClosing Soon
962371Various services for eventVICTodayClosing Soon
962231Scoping study of solar PV distributed generation opportunitiesO/STodayClosing Soon
962217Removal of public toilet facilityNZTodayClosing Soon
961948Rehabilitation work of officesO/STodayClosing Soon
961983Storage for equipment incl. reconciliation of transactionsNZTodayClosing Soon
961841Roofing worksNTTodayClosing Soon
961770Perception surveyO/STodayClosing Soon
961548Sale of business and assets - artisan bakeryNSWTodayClosing Soon
961557Canine dogsO/STodayClosing Soon
961698Festival sponsorship opportunityNSWTodayClosing Soon
961560Antibiotic stewardship training packageO/STodayClosing Soon
961563Study tour on e-billing & automatization of irrigation water supply systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
961247Documenting the voices of migrant childrenO/STodayClosing Soon
961297Installation and replacement of existing irrigation systemsNTTodayClosing Soon
961296Road repairs, maintenance and gravel resheeting worksNTTodayClosing Soon
961222Cleaning contractVICTodayClosing Soon
961283External audit servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
961252Functional review of social protection coordination mechanism (secretariat)O/STodayClosing Soon
961083HIVDR surveillance & monitoring / evaluationO/STodayClosing Soon
961121Refurbishment of lab roomNTTodayClosing Soon
960951Equipment for laboratory research information systemO/STodayClosing Soon
960936Unarmed security servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
960916Cleaning & removal of contaminated lead paint material from buildingsO/STodayClosing Soon
960953Premises maintenance contract (incl. electrical & security installations)O/STodayClosing Soon
960719Forest landscape restoration project documentO/STodayClosing Soon
960823Strengthening protection & empowerment of women migrant workersO/STodayClosing Soon
960735Initiative on addressing stigma & discrimination in health careO/STodayClosing Soon
960731Situational analysis & service delivery approaches on HIV treatmentO/STodayClosing Soon
960496Catering serviceO/STodayClosing Soon
960228Enforcement equipment for protected area network projectO/STodayClosing Soon
960212Production, supply and digitization of annual law reportsO/STodayClosing Soon
960229DronesO/STodayClosing Soon
960225Market research - identifying the right celebrity ambassadorsO/STodayClosing Soon
960026Identification and training of women political aspirants & candidatesO/STodayClosing Soon
960043Market research on humanitarian crisesO/STodayClosing Soon
960050Irrigation system with solar pumping and fencingO/STodayClosing Soon
959862Sale of tavernWATodayClosing Soon
959016Mechanical plant machinery for EOD/IED clearanceO/STodayClosing Soon
959060Integrated human police resource management systemO/STodayClosing Soon
958970Road safety educationO/STodayClosing Soon
958933Cleaning servicesNTTodayClosing Soon
958974Detailed engineering design and supervisionO/STodayClosing Soon
958972Institutional strengthening and capacity building incl creation of GIS databaseO/STodayClosing Soon
958973Laboratory safety and management trainingO/STodayClosing Soon
958675Implementation of municipal energy efficiency investment support facilityO/STodayClosing Soon
958642GrantsNTTodayClosing Soon
958459Travel management servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
958471E-learning modules on spent fuel managementO/STodayClosing Soon
958242Communication connectivity between Adabas and OracleO/STodayClosing Soon
956380Reef Trust 3 GrantsQLDTodayClosing Soon
956558Chain Valley Colliery / Lake Coal Community FundNSWTodayClosing Soon
956001Snow cleaning and gardening servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
948014Various works for projectSATodayClosing Soon
944812Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)O/STodayClosing Soon
933413Funding - Feature Films Production and Completion / Post-ProductionALLTodayClosing Soon
960167Data literacy skillsALL23/09/2017Closing Soon
959688Main contractor for block ILE & toilet upgradeNZ23/09/2017Closing Soon
957228Automated blood grouping systemsNZ23/09/2017Closing Soon
960887School canteen licenseNSW23/09/2017Closing Soon
962648Communications consultantO/S23/09/2017Closing Soon
961993Organization-wide fraud risk assessmentO/S23/09/2017Closing Soon
959175Employer survey and tracer study in IT sectorO/S23/09/2017Closing Soon
957436Strengthening of women's resilience to climate change and disaster riskO/S23/09/2017Closing Soon
961835Sale of propertyNSW24/09/2017Closing Soon
963142Renovation housing works (Al-Shuhada)O/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
962910Process improvement for ERP & order management systems reconciliationO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
962649Enforcement of steel structureO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
962650Staff transportation servicesO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
962377WTP rehabilitation worksO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
962379Operational management capacity strengtheningO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
962004Off-grid solar systems assessmentO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
961994Vehicle maintenance servicesO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
961772Network strengthening & capacity building on behaviour changeO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
961787Promotional materials design, production & delivery servicesO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
961652Awareness raising campaigns through socialization projectO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
961549Establishment of beekeeping farmsO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
961234Street lighting through on-grid hybrid solar power systemO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
960519Support on strategic stakeholder mapping, relationship management & resource mobilizationO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
960217Increasing entrepreneurship skills of womenO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
960016Ending violence against women and girls programO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
960023Youth economic empowerment programme (various sectors)O/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
959353Vehicle & marine fleet maintenance and spare partsO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
959480Strengthening of women’s entrepreneurshipO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
959048Customs clearance and delivery servicesO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
959051Vehicle fleet maintenance & repair services incl spare partsO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
958684Slope consolidation worksO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
958465Renovation of hospitalO/S24/09/2017Closing Soon
959156Reach truckO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961501Sale of propertyTAS25/09/2017Closing Soon
961360Design and construction of boat ramp pontoonQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
961013Various promotional itemsNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
960413Design consultancy services - town revitalisation projectQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
959963Consultant - Acting general manager - Go GoldfieldsVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
957950Suspension bridge replacementNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
960224Construction of entrance statement & memorial walk (incl. electrical)QLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
960557Water supply improvement projectNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
957448Fixed term maintenance on highwaysO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
957447Fixed term maintenance on highwaysO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
957446Fixed term maintenance on highwaysO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
957445Fixed term maintenance on highwaysO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961696Establish and operate an out of school hours care and vacation child care facilityNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
960285Program evaluation services for reconciliation action planQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
960274Facilitating migrant participation in host communitiesNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
960353Roasted coffee beansNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
962691Sale of saloon vehicleNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
962690Sale of hatch backNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
962850Sale of flatdeckNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
962393Sale of box body truckNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
962392Sale of tipperNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
929919Community Presenter Touring GrantALL25/09/2017Closing Soon
963299Sale of business & assets / equity investment / recapitalisation - heating, ventilation & air-conditioning ductsWA25/09/2017Closing Soon
962821Disability access and inclusion planWA25/09/2017Closing Soon
961859Agency to manage Chinese social media accountsNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
960569Culvert crossings - design and constructSA25/09/2017Closing Soon
960111Main contractor for block ILE upgradeNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
960112Main contractor for rationalisation projectNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
960135Christmas Connections Program - capacity building opportunitiesQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
959690Remedial works for school hall (incl. HVAC system)NZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
959459Building refurbishment - architectural services (incl. laboratory space)NZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
958583Headquarters refurbishment (incl. electrical & fire systems)NZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
958620Paediatric infant perinatal emergency retrieval telephony systems upgrade / replacementVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
957093Sale of bridge saw, polishing machine & water filtration systemVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
959632Sale of business - various quarry product mixSA25/09/2017Closing Soon
962924Joint venture partnership - wood processingO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961551Sale of agricultural machineryNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
961273Musicians/bands and food stalls/vansVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
960893Security fencingQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
960601Toilet alterations & paving workNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
959982Design and construction of waste transfer stationNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
959331Legal, tax and accounting workO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
959457Building refurbishmentNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
959309Supply/sale of graderQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
957036Catering servicesQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
952817Fund management servicesO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
952442Public Safety Infrastructure FundVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
962312Market briefing: Electricity supplyNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
962090Safety footwearO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960679Orthotic and prosthetic goods & servicesVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
959558Demolition worksNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
960757Hall roof upgradeVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
960758Hall stormwater drainage upgradeVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
960642Industrial relation servicesVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
961572Wet hire of backhoe or excavatorQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
961571Replacement of air conditionersQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
961621Asphalt pavement repairs and resurfacingQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
961456Prepare detailed design and construction tender documentation for public realm worksVIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
961346Various furniture & equipment for STEM schoolsSA25/09/2017Closing Soon
960856School uniformsQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
960329Airport taxiway upgradeNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
960279Nursing & midwifery servicesQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
960142Renewable energy generation and energy storageQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
959656New tractor for trade-inNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
959550Medical gas service and maintenanceNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
959538Drainage renewalsQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
959232Civil works - sport and recreation reserveQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
958953Fabric filter bagsQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
959005Supercritical extraction unitNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
958565Reservoir mixersNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
957952Steel, concrete plinths & culverts for substationsNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
956751Airport airside resurfacing and pavement worksQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
955639Construction of patrol vesselQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
954344Funding - Advance Queensland small business innovation researchQLD25/09/2017Closing Soon
961364Contractor management systemNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
958752Pavilion design (incl. digital experiences & solutions)NZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
963510Tamron lensesO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
963310Wrapped gabionsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
963144Renovation housing works (Al-Resala)O/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962937Various materials / toolsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962919Assessment of antimicrobial stewardshipO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962956Study for project monitoring & evaluation (financial services)O/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962658Temperature & humidity data-logger / alkaline batteryO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962717Data analysis for air travel marketO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962710Neighbourhoods clean-upO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962667Encryption softwareO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962372Spin coater with vacuum pumpO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962455IT equipmentO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962341Printing labels for passenger baggage & cabin tagsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962456Medical booksO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962327Improvised explosive device - threat mitigation courseO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962352Document digitization servicesO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962385Eco-cities program communicationsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
962211Rapid capacity assessment study (education, health, water supply & public works)O/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961997Neighbourhoods clean-upO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961986Educational support consultantO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961776Small dairy processing equipmentO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961773X-ray dosimetry equipmentO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961800Technical consultant - electrical power transmission lineO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961774Call centre servicesO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961836Firebreak clearing servicesWA25/09/2017Closing Soon
961592SAP Crystal ReportsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961536Landfill cell liner constructionTAS25/09/2017Closing Soon
961558Review of maintenance & operations for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing shopsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961540Energy efficient light equipment (LED street luminaires)O/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961539Mobile gateway & aggregator services for short code (SMS / IVR)O/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961232Provision of drug detecting dogs & training of dogs / handlersO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
961073Enhancement of portalO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960726Sustainable financing mechanism for protected areas & biodiversityO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960521Coffee processing equipmentO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960522Cane processing equipmentO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960564Pavement improvement and sealNT25/09/2017Closing Soon
960588Grazing licenceNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
960504Medical consumables, instruments & hospital suppliesO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960503Medical equipmentO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960452External assessment supervisorsTAS25/09/2017Closing Soon
960230Hiring and administration of cleaning staff, reception, office assistant and unarmed porterO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960207Malware eradication solutionO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960223Assessment of case management systemsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960195Explosive detection dogs servicesO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
960012Interior renovation worksO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
959798Technical studies to enhance the necessary actions for achievement of ODS/AgendaO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
959787Mobile laboratories for PCBs analysis in transformer oilsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
959595Safeguarding, collection, stowage & disposal of obsolete pesticides / contaminated soilsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
959385Motorcycles, spare parts and accessoriesO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
959556Grants - Magnetic PlacesNSW25/09/2017Closing Soon
959398Anaesthesia workstationsNT25/09/2017Closing Soon
959484Food stall to letALL25/09/2017Closing Soon
959050National certification scheme for energy auditorsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
959058Garage drains installationNZ25/09/2017Closing Soon
958233Development of provincial and local development plansO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
958228National policy and legal framework on territory planningO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
957887Machineries & equipment of glass & ceramics skill training programO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
957305Multilingual interactive remote participation solutionO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
955653Carbon assessment in context of emission reductionsO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
955075Labour market forecasting and analysisO/S25/09/2017Closing Soon
953989Funding - Active Club ProgramSA25/09/2017Closing Soon
953351Grants and Funding (various opportunities)VIC25/09/2017Closing Soon
947521Environment Project GrantsNT25/09/2017Closing Soon
852784Transport corridor upgrade (various opportunities)SA25/09/2017Closing Soon
950781Sporting Association GrantsNSW26/09/2017
962989User research and design consultantACT26/09/2017
961869SAP logistics & procurement initiativesNSW26/09/2017
961875Road reconstruction and streetscape improvementsTAS26/09/2017
961644Stormwater pipe repairNSW26/09/2017
961015Water supply network modelling, calibration & zone management planningNZ26/09/2017
960412Road reseal, rehabilitation and construction worksQLD26/09/2017
960269Independent environmental auditing servicesNSW26/09/2017
960276Integrated safety response to family violence (Waikato)NZ26/09/2017
959577Design and construction of replacement bridgeNSW26/09/2017
959576Design and construction of bridgeNSW26/09/2017
959460Integrated safety response to family violenceNZ26/09/2017
959223Switchboard & plant upgradeVIC26/09/2017
958832Physical works suppliers (various panels)NZ26/09/2017
958083Waste collection goods & services (refresh)ALL26/09/2017
959672Mobile phone forensics toolALL26/09/2017
961936Office fitoutNSW26/09/2017
960651General building & civil contractor services for new campusO/S26/09/2017
959775Demolition of sewage treatment plantQLD26/09/2017
959682Building data collection & condition assessmentNSW26/09/2017
959541Media monitoring servicesWA26/09/2017
959547Engrave & dispatch of awardsALL26/09/2017
960434Hygienic servicesNSW26/09/2017
960433Steel reinforced concrete stormwater pipes & associated concrete productsNSW26/09/2017
958117Fixed voice carriage servicesALL26/09/2017
960693Sports lightingNSW26/09/2017
957284Construction of road extension and roundaboutNSW26/09/2017
961473Security screening equipmentWA26/09/2017
960826Optimised Asset Management for Bridges - Technical Report & WebinarALL26/09/2017
961831Creative design and brand supportVIC26/09/2017
962114Reseal package 2 (South West sites)QLD26/09/2017
962116Reseal worksQLD26/09/2017
961826Footpath constructionSA26/09/2017
961867Software procurement and lifecycle management servicesQLD26/09/2017
961743Consultancy for health public expenditure tracking & quantitative service delivery surveyO/S26/09/2017
961655Sale of blue chip investmentVIC26/09/2017
961322Main contractors for school refurbishment, upgrade & modernisation worksNZ26/09/2017
960242Ward Project FundsSA26/09/2017
960245Sea freight & fuel supplyQLD26/09/2017
960114Main building contractors for block alterations & refurbishmentNZ26/09/2017
958762Fully automatic baler systemSA26/09/2017
958530Sale of propertyNSW26/09/2017
959856Quarry productsVIC26/09/2017
962350Trailer-mounted irrigation water tanks with pump & fittingsO/S26/09/2017
961442Bitumen surfacing servicesTAS26/09/2017
961330Auction house servicesQLD26/09/2017
961415Sealed road rehabilitationNZ26/09/2017
961318Cycle path implementation (various elements)NZ26/09/2017
960806Main contractors for refurbishment of classrooms & verandahNZ26/09/2017
960640Auction houseQLD26/09/2017
960603Highway safety improvementsNZ26/09/2017
960222Car park access control systemVIC26/09/2017
959809Resurfacing of hockey fieldNSW26/09/2017
959620Professional swimming coaching rightsNSW26/09/2017
959487Construction of cycle parkNZ26/09/2017
957420Sale of office buildingACT26/09/2017
961992Various local contractors for upgrade of stadiumNSW26/09/2017
960153Regulation impact statement - need assessment for change facilitiesALL26/09/2017
962053Sale of apartmentVIC26/09/2017
961445Amenity plants for landscaped areasWA26/09/2017
961405Gravel base course road materialWA26/09/2017
960392Food and grocery serviceVIC26/09/2017
960400Construction of water & sewer reticulationWA26/09/2017
960122Contractors for asphalt packageQLD26/09/2017
959540Dual cab trucksQLD26/09/2017
959261Hockey complex - wet pitch constructionVIC26/09/2017
958757Call centre servicesSA26/09/2017
958328Real-time temperature monitoring systemNZ26/09/2017
961200General cleaning servicesWA26/09/2017
960293Public relations & community consultationNT26/09/2017
960703Playground (various works)NSW26/09/2017
960702Pipe & pit condition assessment and reportingNSW26/09/2017
958635Construction of bulk watermainNZ26/09/2017
960100Simultaneous interpretation servicesNSW26/09/2017
955509Maintenance of street and public lightingNT26/09/2017
960878Impounded vehicle & equipment managementWA26/09/2017
960233Paddock fencingVIC26/09/2017
960138Upgrade & extension of school (incl. car parking)VIC26/09/2017
960137Community park landscaping & play equipmentVIC26/09/2017
959094Transport planning & design servicesQLD26/09/2017
958872Tourism infrastructure design servicesVIC26/09/2017
959470Client experience program developmentALL26/09/2017
963411Security servicesSA26/09/2017
962997VMware software support and maintenanceQLD26/09/2017
962427RV dump point & septic system removal / relocation worksWA26/09/2017
962395Dairy & related productsWA26/09/2017
962255Service location and vacuum excavation works for digital bus stopsSA26/09/2017
961871Construction of concrete cricket pitchesVIC26/09/2017
961795Paver supplySA26/09/2017
961639Peer support services reviewVIC26/09/2017
961635Review of master technical specification & specification frameworkSA26/09/2017
961647Transportable accommodation unitWA26/09/2017
961434Landfill landscape maintenance servicesWA26/09/2017
961487Sub depot concrete constructionNSW26/09/2017
960968Protective bollardsSA26/09/2017
960732Watermain installationNSW26/09/2017
960701Turf rollsSA26/09/2017
960788Tipper truckSA26/09/2017
960709Tractor and mower/slasherSA26/09/2017
960794Pavilion renewalVIC26/09/2017
960706Heavy duty trailersSA26/09/2017
960708Drum wood chippersSA26/09/2017
960710Site and infrastructure investigations and concept plan - re-zoning applicationSA26/09/2017
960789Frontend loader backhoeSA26/09/2017
960586Sale of industrial propertyNSW26/09/2017
960395Standby generatorQLD26/09/2017
960459Road reconstruction & roundabout constructionVIC26/09/2017
960407Park playground constructionVIC26/09/2017
960394Vacuum pumpsQLD26/09/2017
960396Vacuum vesselQLD26/09/2017
960409Trailer mounted variable message sign boardsQLD26/09/2017
960410Mill development early civil works packageQLD26/09/2017
960420Cleaning and hygiene servicesQLD26/09/2017
960393Reservoir reroofingQLD26/09/2017
960417Creation and distribution of rate and water notices etcQLD26/09/2017
960421Quarry materialQLD26/09/2017
960333Amenities building internal fit-outNSW26/09/2017
960372HVAC upgradeQLD26/09/2017
960113Nominal defendant legal services (panel) incl. trainingQLD26/09/2017
959984Library management systemNSW26/09/2017
959968Legal servicesNSW26/09/2017
959901Bituminous surfacing (spray seal) & pavement markingSA26/09/2017
959599Landscape upgradeNSW26/09/2017
959731Grants - Boosting the Local Care WorkforceALL26/09/2017
959469Sale of propertyVIC26/09/2017
959521Tree maintenanceNSW26/09/2017
959496Project manager for construction of complex for collegeO/S26/09/2017
959406Rural road constructionSA26/09/2017
959301Supply and installation of waste sorting platform and associated equipmentWA26/09/2017
959237Swim centres managementQLD26/09/2017
959230Remotely piloted systems and solutionsQLD26/09/2017
959134Graduation photography servicesVIC26/09/2017
958600Offsite records storage, retrieval and management servicesNSW26/09/2017
958544Facilities upgrade projectQLD26/09/2017
958060Footpath resurfacingNZ26/09/2017
957654Catering servicesNSW26/09/2017
955119Lease of facilities & development of sports and community facilityNSW26/09/2017
954831Lakes water studyWA26/09/2017
952167Treasury billsNZ26/09/2017
960697External hire of trucks and plantNSW26/09/2017
963478Petrol-powered cut-off machines & accessoriesO/S26/09/2017
963365Medicines for treatment of hemophilia or Willebrand diseaseO/S26/09/2017
963134Development & implementation of websiteO/S26/09/2017
963148Assessment of poverty environment initiativeO/S26/09/2017
963147PEI project evaluationO/S26/09/2017
962709Environment, natural resources & climate change mainstreaming strategyO/S26/09/2017
962363Armoured vehicle windshield, door glass & pad kit disc brakerO/S26/09/2017
962384Warehouse receipt system project - operational supportO/S26/09/2017
962223Improvement of post-disaster damage data collectionO/S26/09/2017
962230Lending to the informal sector (incl. training)O/S26/09/2017
962204Freight transportation & distribution serviceO/S26/09/2017
962208Information management systems - specification designO/S26/09/2017
961980Mapping / preparation of guide to legal instrumentsO/S26/09/2017
961969Emergency response equipment (radiation)O/S26/09/2017
961951Portable fire fighting pumpsO/S26/09/2017
961953High-speed internetO/S26/09/2017
961976Software design, development & support servicesO/S26/09/2017
961985Humanitarian WASH services in conflict-affected settingsO/S26/09/2017
961982Landscape management plan consultancyO/S26/09/2017
961964Technical assistance for communication strategy & planO/S26/09/2017
961894Transaction advisory servicesO/S26/09/2017
961550Smart phones & other itemsO/S26/09/2017
961598Diploma course on local justice systemsO/S26/09/2017
961256Electric utility cost of service studyO/S26/09/2017
961286Sale of industrial lotsQLD26/09/2017
961241Building reconstruction worksO/S26/09/2017
960922Accounting & human resources systemsO/S26/09/2017
960941Socio-economic impact assess of irrigation projectsO/S26/09/2017
960908Distribution network densification worksO/S26/09/2017
960949Teletherapy unit & treatment planning systemO/S26/09/2017
960723Brand barometer studyO/S26/09/2017
960730Installation of new microphones and paging systemNZ26/09/2017
959892Pavement rehabilitation and shoulder repairsNT26/09/2017
959346Design & construction of sports centre (various works)O/S26/09/2017
957885Refurbishment of administration, staff room & amenitiesQLD26/09/2017
957163Accommodation, conference and catering servicesO/S26/09/2017
954747Construction of new pump stationO/S26/09/2017
957028Boarding house & small commercial constructionNSWNot Stated
957048Cleaning contractorVICNot Stated
957057Trades for education childcare centresQLDNot Stated
956844Dual cab 4WD vehiclesQLDNot Stated
956838Sale of stainless steel winery tanksNZNot Stated
956879Notice: Design, construction & operation of pavilionNZNot Stated
956921Notice: Events network meetingNSWNot Stated
956772Vendor space at retail store (design, home furnishings, accessories, collectibles & gifts)NSWNot Stated
956760Distribution outlet - livestock feeding equipment (Mudgee)NSWNot Stated
956786Notice: Drainage upgrade worksVICNot Stated
956625Notice: Combatting human trafficking in ASEANALLNot Stated
956607Industry briefing: Water bore drilling (incl. event sponsorship)NTNot Stated
956597Notice: Removal of shipQLDNot Stated
956627Radio repeater site rental & maintenanceNZNot Stated
956600Notice: Lease of caravan parkWANot Stated
956738Funding - artists for cabinet artNZNot Stated
956603Catering for canteenQLDNot Stated
956613Notice: Professionals Breakfast eventSANot Stated
956425Notice: Highway-fronting commercial siteQLDNot Stated
956391Notice: Tyre management project (waste recycling initiative)WANot Stated
956511School cleaningVICNot Stated
956373Notice: Operation of pool facilitiesQLDNot Stated
956477Notice: Ante natal educationNZNot Stated
956426Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
956314Notice: Electronic health record projectNZNot Stated
956308Notice: Cross-government intercultural competence capability development programmeNZNot Stated
956271Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
956200Knowledge sharing online portal & supporting hardwareO/SNot Stated
956227Subcontractors for multi-residential developmentsSANot Stated
956360Sale of motel & laundromatNTNot Stated
956359Sale of blockNTNot Stated
956226Various subcontractor for residential tradesSANot Stated
956341Notice: Bridge renewal projectQLDNot Stated
956255Local Heritage Assistance FundNSWNot Stated
956342Sale of vacant residential allotmentQLDNot Stated
956136Before and After School Care FundNSWNot Stated
956057Sale of modular administration complexWANot Stated
955980Sale of whitebait net & screensNZNot Stated
956159Notice: Housing maintenance servicesNZNot Stated
956038Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
955969First fix carpentersSANot Stated
955971Steel erectors & cladding fixersNSWNot Stated
955976Sale of lodge business & property incl. restaurantNZNot Stated
956033Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
956020Sale of stock - beauty, personal care & household cleaning productsNZNot Stated
956032Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
955942Design of creative precinctVICNot Stated
955943School cleaningVICNot Stated
955720Medical groups, DHB hospital pharmacies, etc.NZNot Stated
955851Notice: Base redevelopment projectNZNot Stated
955731Sale of industrial siteQLDNot Stated
955726Business case for upgrade of roadWANot Stated
955727Sale of farmVICNot Stated
955586Notice: Design of creative precinctVICNot Stated
955538Sale of business and/or assets - energy transmission and distributionALLNot Stated
955540Sale of business - ice manufacturingALLNot Stated
955553Sale of homesteadNSWNot Stated
955520Road & bridge constructionTASNot Stated
955636Notice: FurnitureNZNot Stated
955521Operation of CEC and casinoO/SNot Stated
955618ConcreteQLDNot Stated
955552Sale of homeWANot Stated
955652Notice: North East Small Business FestivalVICNot Stated
955289School canteen licenceNSWNot Stated
955473General practices for mental health stepped care trialQLDNot Stated
955297Internal home modificationsNSWNot Stated
955459Dwelling constructionQLDNot Stated
955330Sale of waterfront propertyNSWNot Stated
955327Aboriginal artists - signage & artwork projectNSWNot Stated
955323Sale of propertyWANot Stated
955418Early tender advice - Sale of wildfire affected Karri logsWANot Stated
955308Distributor/s for Hettich productsQLDNot Stated
955322Management of agency - rental car providerVICNot Stated
955436Cleaning contractorVICNot Stated
955224Notice: Better by Lean - workshops, consultancy & fundingNZNot Stated
955199Industry briefing: Capital works programSANot Stated
955124Fox control - baiting programNSWNot Stated
955150Notice: Racetrack redevelopmentSANot Stated
955169Notice: Health precinct development worksWANot Stated
955127Various trades for buildingSANot Stated
955171Sale of business - bus lines and home school busNSWNot Stated
955252Editorial servicesO/SNot Stated
955221Notice: Busway construction industry engagementNZNot Stated
955122Various trades for residential maintenance servicesSANot Stated
955231Notice: Whiteware goods & servicesNZNot Stated
955176Sale of stampNSWNot Stated
955086Stallholders for street marketTASNot Stated
954907Notice: Water, waste & sewerage projects incl. water laboratoryQLDNot Stated
954904Apartment worksQLDNot Stated
955043Sustainable energy research consultantO/SNot Stated
954902Construction of retirement village & community centre (incl. roads, sewer, etc.)VICNot Stated
954895Carpenter for fitout of large cottageNSWNot Stated
954910Restaurant franchising opportunityO/SNot Stated
955074Stallholders for boutique marketNSWNot Stated
955004Lease of landNZNot Stated
954992Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
954886Handymen and buildersQLDNot Stated
954889Terrace homes, houses & townhouses worksQLDNot Stated
954890Builder for housesQLDNot Stated
954599Cleaning servicesVICNot Stated
954667Sale of cottageQLDNot Stated
954753Notice: Small Business Festival eventsVICNot Stated
954639Notice: Design, build, finance and operation of retirement villageNSWNot Stated
954668Sale of unitsQLDNot Stated
954775Notice: Central interceptor construction (wastewater tunnel)NZNot Stated
954744Notice: Small Business FestivalVICNot Stated
954677Sale of industrial vacant landNSWNot Stated
954600Caterers for club restaurantNZNot Stated
954663Sale of business & freehold - distribution of foods, beverages and productsQLDNot Stated
954662Tastings on Hastings sponsorship opportunitiesNSWNot Stated