Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
1061271Grants - Sport4EveryoneALLTodayClosing Soon
1061143School block upgrade (Appleby School)NZTodayClosing Soon
1060084School upgrade worksNZTodayClosing Soon
1063420PQQ: Retail space consultancy serviceVICTodayClosing Soon
1064150Sale of family & guest accommodationVICTodayClosing Soon
1064697Training on project proposal writing for risk educationO/STodayClosing Soon
1064069Assessment of engagements in financial services for basic service delivery (solar, water & education)O/STodayClosing Soon
1063559Identifying future smart grid options & roadmap for transmission networkO/STodayClosing Soon
1063519Military tentsO/STodayClosing Soon
1063255DAP & NPK fertiliserO/STodayClosing Soon
1062670Land registration regularisation & securing / implementation of driversO/STodayClosing Soon
1062462Awareness & engagement strategyO/STodayClosing Soon
1062319IT consultingO/STodayClosing Soon
1059881Horticulture plantation (plot no. 57, 58)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059869Horticulture plantation (plot no. 119, 118)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059864Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1, 716)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059844Horticulture plantation (plot no. 50, 46, 124)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059815Horticulture plantation (plot no. 404, 405, 406, 413, 414, 419, 120, 408, 410, 407, 409, 411)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059434Solar energyO/STodayClosing Soon
1059063Horticulture plantation (plot no. 764)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059058Horticulture plantation (plot no. 942, 943)O/STodayClosing Soon
1057800Readiness support to strengthen engagement with GCFO/STodayClosing Soon
1056164Instrumentation for dam safetyO/STodayClosing Soon
1022485Iron ore mine & associated rail infrastructure (various opportunities)WATodayClosing Soon
1064617SQL server support servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
1063173Drupal developerACTTodayClosing Soon
1063170Solution architectALLTodayClosing Soon
1062072Artists' GrantNSWTodayClosing Soon
1058572Weed control services (panel)SATodayClosing Soon
1064408Sale of hatchbackNZTodayClosing Soon
1064607Sale of truckNZTodayClosing Soon
1064436Sale of cab chassisNZTodayClosing Soon
1064276Sale of curtainsiderNZTodayClosing Soon
1064111Sale of tipperNZTodayClosing Soon
1064110Sale of tipperNZTodayClosing Soon
1063984Sale of truckNZTodayClosing Soon
1063780Sale of truckNZTodayClosing Soon
1063779Sale of flatdeckNZTodayClosing Soon
1063488Sale of tankerNZTodayClosing Soon
1063334Sale of flatdeckNZTodayClosing Soon
1063333Sale of curtainsiderNZTodayClosing Soon
1063332Sale of loggerNZTodayClosing Soon
1063443Project management capacity development servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1061141School block upgrade (Canvastown School)NZTodayClosing Soon
1061140School block upgrade (Ranzau School)NZTodayClosing Soon
1061137School block upgrade (various works)NZTodayClosing Soon
1061134School block upgrade incl heat pumps (Tasman School)NZTodayClosing Soon
1061128School upgrade (Upper Moutere School)NZTodayClosing Soon
1060426Opportunity for indigenous film makersSATodayClosing Soon
1065118National qualifications development & reviewO/STodayClosing Soon
1062341Preventative & remedial maintenance for kitchen equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1062911Sealing aggregate, cement stabilisation services, bitumen sealingWATodayClosing Soon
1061454Discharge piping, valves & fittings for tramwayO/STodayClosing Soon
1061172Land survey equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1065169Consultancy to develop administrative, finance & logistics policies / building capacity for mine actionO/STodayClosing Soon
1064831Meeting package & hotel accommodationO/STodayClosing Soon
1064749FurnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
1064673X-ray machine & handheld metal detectorO/STodayClosing Soon
1064663Catering servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1064660Fuel efficient cooking stovesO/STodayClosing Soon
1064643Global education policy dashboard data collectionO/STodayClosing Soon
1064631Assessing capacity to deliver JAWTNO servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1064527Sedan vehicleO/STodayClosing Soon
1064480Market gardening seedsO/STodayClosing Soon
1064432Assessment of ICT needs / development of specifications for automation of processesO/STodayClosing Soon
1064224Sand for beach volleyballO/STodayClosing Soon
1064208Prevention of xenophobia strategyO/STodayClosing Soon
1064082Passenger vehicleO/STodayClosing Soon
1064077Motor bikes & scooterO/STodayClosing Soon
1064066Social protection fund flow analysisO/STodayClosing Soon
1064065Institutional assessment (various capacities)O/STodayClosing Soon
1064062Maize seedO/STodayClosing Soon
1063826Transportation of toolsO/STodayClosing Soon
1063747Technical assistance capacity building (urban water supply)O/STodayClosing Soon
1063565Tax simplification program - quantitative assessmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1063539Office furnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
1063535Rugged tabletsO/STodayClosing Soon
1063363Reconstruction of water intake structure & water supply networkO/STodayClosing Soon
1063264Livestock feedO/STodayClosing Soon
1063259Technical support to electric utility & consumer protection regulatory agencyO/STodayClosing Soon
1063257Legal consultant for housing PPPO/STodayClosing Soon
1063256Communications consultant for airport PPPO/STodayClosing Soon
1063252Assessing risk of stranded assets in investments (power generation sector)O/STodayClosing Soon
1063250Technical consultant for airport PPPO/STodayClosing Soon
1063249Legal consultant for airport PPPO/STodayClosing Soon
1063245Pipe & accessoriesO/STodayClosing Soon
1063244Cleaning servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1063234International trade adviserO/STodayClosing Soon
1063223Rangeland cubesO/STodayClosing Soon
1063218Bio-safety cabinetO/STodayClosing Soon
1063201Conversion of ISO containers for security forcesO/STodayClosing Soon
1063193Delivery of language training to migrant workersO/STodayClosing Soon
1063192Air conditioner maintenance servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1063189Dignity kitsO/STodayClosing Soon
1063188Tools & materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
1063186Recruitment of executive directorO/STodayClosing Soon
1063155SHS social mobilization & consumer awareness campaignO/STodayClosing Soon
1063117Rewards & recognition management systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1063015Logistics hub business caseO/STodayClosing Soon
1063005LNG linkingO/STodayClosing Soon
1063001Housing PPP - technical consultantO/STodayClosing Soon
1062791FurnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
1062639Cleaning serviceO/STodayClosing Soon
1062594Education supplies verificationO/STodayClosing Soon
1062393Event organisation serviceO/STodayClosing Soon
1062390Agricultural suppliesO/STodayClosing Soon
1062213Camera traps with video recording functionsO/STodayClosing Soon
1062195Construction of cold storage facilityO/STodayClosing Soon
1062192Marketing & export of dried fishO/STodayClosing Soon
1062166UPS web-plug in adapter & replacement spare partsO/STodayClosing Soon
1061991Replacement of corroded facades & doorsO/STodayClosing Soon
1061988Event management servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1061940Design & development of ICT-based water monitoring systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1061907Multi-parameter for measurement of environmental variables in seawaterO/STodayClosing Soon
1061935HR specialistO/STodayClosing Soon
1061958Resident advisor - transformation programO/STodayClosing Soon
1061960Program support officer- transformation projectO/STodayClosing Soon
1061874Information systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1061829Warehouse rental, management and handling servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1061821Training and logistics services - fashion marketO/STodayClosing Soon
1061719Livelihoods support for recovery & resilience buildingO/STodayClosing Soon
1061350Radionuclide generatorsO/STodayClosing Soon
1061138Horticulture plantation (plot no. 901, 902)O/STodayClosing Soon
1061049Multi-purpose water infrastructureO/STodayClosing Soon
1061035Sale of aircraftO/STodayClosing Soon
1060820National strategy / action plan for combatting illegal & unsustainable trade in endangered speciesO/STodayClosing Soon
1060479Rural bridges - design consultantO/STodayClosing Soon
1059921Horticulture plantation (plot no. 76, 86, 61, 71, 88 & 344)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059920Horticulture plantation (plot no. 190, 191, 192, 135, 137 & 151)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059919Horticulture plantation (plot no. 907, 875, 193 & 409)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059918Horticulture plantation (plot no. 620, 32, 68, 69, 63, 106, 294, 295 & 299)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059917Horticulture plantation (plot no. 12,13, 50, 25, 26, 27 & 28)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059916Horticulture plantation (plot no. 111, 112, 115, 108, 103, 469, 124, 125 & 127)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059915Horticulture plantation (plot no. 3091, 3092, 3093, 3094)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059914Horticulture plantation (plot no. 815, 469, 691, 693, 695, 696 & 697)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059913Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1640)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059912Horticulture plantation (plot no. 2990, 1161)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059911Horticulture plantation (plot no. 501, 888, 722)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059908Horticulture plantation (plot no. 144)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059907Horticulture plantation (plot no. 727, 728, 729, 730)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059906Horticulture plantation (plot no. 329, 186, 266)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059905Horticulture plantation (plot no. 629, 628, 322)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059904Horticulture plantation (plot no. 521, 522, 523)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059903Horticulture plantation (plot no. 48, 69, 228, 1196)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059902Horticulture plantation (plot no. 149, 148, 349, etc.)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059900Horticulture plantation (plot no. 106, 181, 151)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059899Horticulture plantation (plot no. 813, 666 & 669)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059898Horticulture plantation (plot no. 37, 38, 57)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059897Horticulture plantation (plot no. 61, 60, 197)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059895Horticulture plantation (plot no. 288, 291, 292, 295)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059893Horticulture plantation (plot no. 426, 203, 204)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059892Horticulture plantation (plot no. 86, 1012, 1021, 1018)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059891Horticulture plantation (plot no. 31, 22, 18, 23, 2 & 8)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059890Horticulture plantation (plot no. 80, 81)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059889Horticulture plantation (plot no. 3286)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059887Horticulture plantation (plot no. 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118 & 106)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059884Horticulture plantation (plot no. 2641, 2642 & 2644)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059883Horticulture plantation (plot no. 4796 & 4804)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059879Horticulture plantation (plot no. 745 & 762)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059878Horticulture plantation (plot no. 150, 151, 156, 159)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059877Horticulture plantation (plot no. 76, 77, 97)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059875Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1057, 914, 927, 1052 & 1055)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059874Horticulture plantation (plot no. 102, 103)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059873Horticulture plantation (plot no. 324, 329, 323, 325, 326, 327, 330, 341, 333, 222)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059872Horticulture plantation (plot no. 163, 165, 166)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059871Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1161)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059868Horticulture plantation (plot no. 2135, 2134, 2136, 2137, 2138, 2140, 2141)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059867Horticulture plantation (plot no. 222, 215, 216, 217, 218)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059866Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1038, 1642 & 1643)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059865Horticulture plantation (plot no. 135)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059862Horticulture plantation (plot no. 849)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059861Horticulture plantation (plot no. 299, 300)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059860Horticulture plantation (plot no. 288, 289, 290, etc.)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059858Horticulture plantation (plot no. 6738)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059857Horticulture plantation (plot no. 364)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059856Horticulture plantation (plot no. 134)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059854Horticulture plantation (plot no. 2307)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059851Horticulture plantation (plot no. 113)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059850Horticulture plantation (plot no. 385, 387, 400)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059848Horticulture plantation (plot no. 686 & 687)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059847Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1, 57, 81, etc.)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059846Horticulture plantation (plot no. 949)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059845Horticulture plantation (plot no. 2270, 2271)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059843Horticulture plantation (plot no. 491)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059842Horticulture plantation (plot no. 344, 310)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059841Horticulture plantation (plot no. 246, 266, 267)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059840Horticulture plantation (plot no. 156, 157, 158)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059817Horticulture plantation (plot no. 461, 464, 466, 467)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059816Horticulture plantation (plot no. 430)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059814Horticulture plantation (plot no. 170, 205)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059812Horticulture plantation (plot no. 611)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059811Horticulture plantation (plot no. 656, 678, 672, 688, 687)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059795Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1087)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059794Horticulture plantation (plot no. 830, 833)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059638Books acquisition services (incl. online system)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059086Arts & Cultural GrantsSATodayClosing Soon
1059074Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1209, 1210)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059073Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1607, 1604, 1605)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059072Horticulture plantation (plot no. 121, 122, 123, 130)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059071Horticulture plantation (plot no. 869, 871)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059067Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1058, 1059, 1074, 1061)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059066Horticulture plantation (plot no. 427, 418, 419)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059065Horticulture plantation (plot no. 1145)O/STodayClosing Soon
1059064Horticulture plantation (plot no. 3614)O/STodayClosing Soon
1058098Development banking & risk managementO/STodayClosing Soon
1057582Machines & equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1057552Stationery, paper & office furnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
1055527Cooker, copper tube, conversion fittings & jointing compoundO/STodayClosing Soon
1054720LED street lights & related worksO/STodayClosing Soon
1053880Water supply systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1052737Construction of pumping station with pressure conduitO/STodayClosing Soon
1063497Business analystNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061536Mowing and other horticulture / environmental lands servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060178Parks and reserves chemicalsVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060177Spraying - various sitesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064822LockerO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061597Airport fencing renewalNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064624Sale of truck & machineryNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060870Secure messaging industry offerALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063530Cleaning services (Gungahlin)ACT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063529Cleaning services (Ainslie)ACT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061820Network transformation solutionNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060888Main building contractor for site wide fire alarm upgradeNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060710Development of asset management strategiesNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1059202Lead design services for college worksNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1013821Community Development GrantsSA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061571Supply and installation of polysoft layerQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060157Steel targetry (plate racks & popper targets)ALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062198Outdoor digital visitor information hubsVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060272Construction of pedestrian walkway & elevated boardwalkNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1059836Township upgrade - construction of shared use pathNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062871Jetty - repair of metal membersWA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1057656Legal services (panel)NSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1058792Printing solutionO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1059983Training goods & servicesQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060867Public relations services (Japan)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062878Multi- function devicesWA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062877Upgrade of public lightingWA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062359Consultants to develop a series of community growth profilesQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061594Casual hire of plant, trucks & equipmentNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060680Community centre remediation services incl repaving of walkwayNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060073Brokerage services for client listed securitiesQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1059797Treasury BillsNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1059087Asbestos removal, remediation works & associated servicesNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1058960Outside school hours care servicesQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1058762Jetties constructionNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1057824Concrete remediationNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1052157Upgrade & refurbishment to theatreNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064951WTI switchesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063959Communication itemsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063888Monitoring / reporting on projects for Ebola emergency responseO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062655ICT applicationsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062499Technical & modelling firm - supporting preparation of infrastructure projectsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062225Action plan on antimicrobial resistanceO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061857Community Grant Program (various areas)SA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061687Roof top solar (Sanderson Middle School)NT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061167Construction of classrooms (Kulhama)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061166Construction of classrooms (Galibal)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060433Riverine recovery project secondary works - channel clearanceSA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060415Strategic environmental and social impact assessment & environmental and social management planO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1057819Assessment of Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1053878Rehabilitation of irrigation - canal lining & civil works (Archi Jaded)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064355Various works for new cottageVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064972Information & data architectureACT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063877ICT security risk assessmentALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063494Application developerACT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060482Verification & distribution services panel - employment entitlementALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065011Network equipmentO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062137Substation fit-out - HV transformersNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062136Substation fit-out - HV switchgearNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062134Substation fit-out - generator & bulk fuel storageNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061758Engineering design for road works & other site survey servicesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061757FurnitureO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061584Specialist consultant valuation servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1058557Bridge replacementNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063460Data centre & control room - detailed designO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065044Rasp fileO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064878Power supply converterO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064821Stock for storesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064820Polythene pipeO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060503X-TEND WA Grants (build capability & capacity)WA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064218Recreation reserves lawn maintenance serviceO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062521Independent community relations monitorQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060665Electrical servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1056973Drainage studyNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060876Hazardous building material & contaminated lands servicesNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060332Cleaning contractQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063378Geotechnical & asbestos reportNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063263Inspections of bridge assetsNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062600Building capacity to improve person centered care in general practiceVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060982Various services for eventQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063422Electrical servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063421Mechanical servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063593Access point services (Kalbarri)WA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063047Electorate office fitoutQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061985Relocation & restoration of cottageWA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061034Lease of cafe and restaurantQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061009Development of health pathways program & shared care frameworkQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062988Security servicesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061499Mini dyad accessoriesNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063574Sale of abandoned motor vehiclesSA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063296Stakeholder & community consultation for destination management planNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062539Local tourism mobile application (app)VIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062526Technical assistance for review of water & sanitation sector planO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061570Preferred contractors list for minor works and maintenanceNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061492Quantity surveyor consultancy for clinical centre worksNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061491Project management for clinical centre worksNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061314Internal alterations for community pavilionVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061154Motor racing event promoters for event deliveryNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062535Library book scannersALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062015Classroom refurbishmentQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062000Grants management systemNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060489Playspace upgradeSA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061353Laundry servicesQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062102Parts, materials and fabrication of aluminium and stainless components for fire vehicle locker stowageALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061501Wide area network replacementALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061415Environmental monitoring systemACT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060868Software solutionsACT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063013Parcel delivery servicesALL23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062510Park irrigation upgradeSA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062508Smart cities initiatives - shared-use park (various works)SA23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062204Travel management servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062001Line marking renewal servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061920External audit of airport operationNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061906Legal services (panel)NSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061905Cultural precinct - project director (planning & development management)NSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061846Housing & support servicesVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061737Panoramic street imagery & laser scanning of roadsNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061595Various soilsNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061540High roof commercial van & CCTV pipeline inspection unitQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061539Pavement rehabilitation worksQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061538Refurbishment of art gallery storage roomQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061387Hydro vacuum excavation truckNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061187Medical chest compression devicesQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060875Boardwalk replacementNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060170Development of an asset management strategyVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060160Construction of bridges & adjacent road approachesNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062392Hydraulic hoses - supply, deliver, replace & installNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065234Strategic study on economic empowerment of women / development of program of empowermentO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065176Total station & digital levelO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065173Security enhancement of compoundO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065166Livestock truckO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065145Financial risk management specialistO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1065142Data literary trainingO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064942Layout designs, specifications, BOQ & supervision for office refurbishmentO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064669Conference servicesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064602Independent audit of government procurementO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064598LED wallsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064448Prefabricated containersO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064441Disposable medical suppliesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064435Meeting venue & accommodationO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064411Reagents, laboratory consumables & sampling materialsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064169Audiovisual production agencyO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1064148Mapping / analysis of child protection & juvenile justice systemsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063908Graphic design consultantO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063905Research on sustainable development & poverty reductionO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063783Maritime containersO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063775Environmental & social impact assessment / management planO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063754Trust fund strengthened in governance structure & fund-raising capabilityO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063736Software solution (software, hardware components, integration)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063650Industrial reference weightsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063645Catering services & conference room rentalO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063629Various servicesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063606Office partitioning worksO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063514Provision of dronesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063438Audit of project accountsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063351Evaluative review on prevention of violence & peacebuildingO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063287Sea shipmentO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063274Surveying servicesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063225Instrumentation for safety of damsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063174Creative stallholders, performers & musicians for festivalQLD23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063161Impact study on financing on market resourcesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063142Construction and connection of sewer lineO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063046Review to realise efficiencies in procurementNT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063043Vehicle panel beating services (panel)NT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063040Service upgrades to buildingNT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063008Childcare gender researchO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062793Independent procurement auditO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062648Construction of retaining wall for hangarO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062583MedicationsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062464Communication campaign for dissemination of lawO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062461Community Board GrantsNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062378Design / validation of measurement, reporting & verification systemO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062249Guardrail installationNT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062221Solar PV power generation plantsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062184Construction of water distribution networkO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062150Water & wastewater pumpsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062008Roof top solar (Taminmin College)NT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062006Roof top solar (Palmerston Senior College)NT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062003Roof top solar (Nightcliff PS)NT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062002Intersection improvementsNT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061878Reconstruction of classrooms & allied servicesO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061852Empowering women with HIV for solidarity & secure livelihoodsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061833Evaluation of ICT transforming educationO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061659Distributed fiber optic sensor interrogator & under water accelerometersO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061310Digital automatic methadone dispenserO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061170Construction of classrooms (Batipora, Nowgam & Bakerpora)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1061130Mobile system for data & resource planning in electromechanical maintenanceO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060844Anatomical and vocational modelsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060841Architectural / constructive design - upgrade of laboratory & equipment storeO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060695Canal irrigation scheme rehabilitation worksO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060690Dam supply & installation (various works)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060647Design, document, install, commission and certify upgraded fire suppression systemsNT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060564Critical infrastructure recovery project - electrical servicesNSW23/04/2019Closing Soon
1060065Non-perishable foods (incl. portion control)NT23/04/2019Closing Soon
1059706Strengthening health management modelO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1059344Access to video/audio bank & video/audio clipsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1058617Specialized machineryO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1058121Wastewater treatment plant (various works)O/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1057935Strengthening response capacity to country information needsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1057788Water network, sewer network, sewage treatment plant & pumping stationO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1057534Transmission line construction & completionO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1056939Equipment and protections for post rehabilitationO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1056183Manual weather instruments, AWS & various stationsO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1056100Rehabilitation & upgradation of various civil worksNZ23/04/2019Closing Soon
1045403Operational support for off-shore demonstration fish cage farmO/S23/04/2019Closing Soon
1062346Fraud Control ReviewVIC23/04/2019Closing Soon
1063094Fit-out worksNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063797Crushing servicesSA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062142Design and construction of buildingQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061213Fleet spare partsQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060866Mud hole removalNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059578Construction of water reticulation systemNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1058360Ultrafine bubble diffusers for wastewater treatment plantsNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061622Construction of Nature Play SpaceQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061545Treasury management systemQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060188Collection and beneficial use of biosolidsQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061585Livestock & large animal contractorQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060916Lease of various rooms at school of artsNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063622Audit & review of annual reportingNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1056731Remediation & civil worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059378Recyclables collection & transferTAS24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063971Construction of villageO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061567Administration building refurbishmentWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061471Architectural / engineering design & construction supervision for workshopO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060904Investigation & design of flood mitigation worksNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062009Backflow prevention device testing servicesWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061244BusesWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063052Waterproof membrane worksWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061506Building upgradeWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1058660Cleaning of vehiclesWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1058026Busbar fittingsQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1055318Surge anticipation valves or vesselsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063619Installation of energy efficient appliancesACT24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062905Heavy transport servicesQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062750Bridge refurbishmentVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062487Executive vehicle fleet leaseVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062357Pavement line marking and associated traffic management (panel)VIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061576Security screening and front of house services at airportWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061251Construction of walking trackNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060202Document and construct apartmentsQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060186Park developmentQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060145Facility signage manufacture and installationNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059495Community PBS chemotherapy pharmacy servicesNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1057245Clubhouse constructionQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064417Migrant nations project researcherO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064060Design & construction of bargeO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063608Review of child marriage & female genital mutilation programmes manual, implementation guide & visual communication toolsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063560APIs for digital financial servicesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062452Postal office boxes, plastic & metal sealsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061866FurnitureO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061110Feasibility study for establishment of agropolisO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060119Development of gas resource (various works)WA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060082Design and documentation of shade structures / cooling initiatives, wayfinding signage, community safe spaces & lighting masterplanNT24/04/2019Closing Soon
1051209SCADA & telecommunication system for gas transmission parallel pipeline projectO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1065104Secure code review (penetration test) of application / source codeACT24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064973Content development & designACT24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064269Discovery phase for website redesignALL24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062477Road reconstructionVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060898Cold drinks & foodVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060895Upgrade of transfer stationVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059328Professional developmentNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1057915Cleaning of council facilities (Texas)QLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1057914Cleaning of council facilities (Inglewood)QLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063092LaserNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063581Mail delivery servicesVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061666Bituminous pavement & road widening worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061592Bridge deck replacement - bridge substructureQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061591Road baseQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062880BearingsQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062879Metal & aluminiumQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061586Irrigation systemsQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060549Aviation security screeningNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064001Stone & brick worksNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063819Newspaper delivery runsNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064963Disposal of artworksWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064382Sale of business & assets - fire protection systems / equipment maintenanceVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063128Economic development strategy strategic reviewSA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062805Sale of impounded vehiclesNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062118Sale of historic lifestyle propertyVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061150Construction of retaining wallNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059603Sale of property / business - luxury accommodation & vineyardSA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064470Sale of business - restaurantSA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1065428Mobile garbage bin collection serviceSA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064236Construction of distribution power lines (Western Division)O/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064140Sale of vacant beachside allotmentVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063590Public toilets and surrounds cleaning (Northcliffe)WA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063588Public toilets & surrounds cleaning (Walpole)WA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062756Vegetation management (Tavua Town Feeder)O/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062749Depot buildings maintenance & refurbishment worksO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062687Safety surfacing for playgroundNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062285Track irrigation auditQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062055Sale of CBD commercial propertySA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061588Sewer system salt infiltration reliningVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061475Upgrade of double girder overhead craneO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059599Stormwater improvementsNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059261Sale of mixed use development siteSA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1054637Site preparation & construction of restaurantO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060926Course on tackling marine pollution issues through recyclingALL24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064457Building extension for health hubNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064135Sale of family homeVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063662New shade structuresQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062872Registration of rates - road signage & fittingsVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061928Principal contractor for BMX facility (various works)NSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061575Roundabout public lighting & asset relocation worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061529Truck mounted cranesVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061168Commercial kitchens maintenance support servicesVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060557Pre-mixed concreteNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064578Installation of transportable classroomsWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063910Replacement of playing courtsWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063907School block wet area upgradeWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062708W-beam safety barrier guardrailsWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062050Domestic meter lockable valves (LVS)O/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062048Leak detection equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061890Code of conduct review services (panel)NSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061197Printing services (panel)WA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060651Security manpower and operation servicesQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060211Creative advertising, marketing and related servicesWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061282Supply & fit of automotive tyresWA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062208Construction of flowmetersVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060520Park lighting upgrade (incl. tree protection & landscape works)NSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064407Sale of business and buildings - sports tourismNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064295Changing Places relocatable facilityVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063086Environment strategy developmentVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062896Construction of a new full capture fly out toiletTAS24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062694Drainage upgradeSA24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062472Architectural and civil design services for recreation reserve change roomsVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062260Professional services panel - planning servicesVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062183SCADA installationsQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062111Multi-purpose court extension - civil worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062109Multi-purpose court extension - electrical worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062105Sale of shopping strip propertyVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062096Land clearance servicesVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062005Stormwater drainage asset condition assessment surveyVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061918Quantity surveying servicesNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061909Footpath constructionVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061908Grading maintenance works (panel)VIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061766Replacement of basketball court timber flooringVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061605Architectural consultancy services for school major CIP redevelopmentTAS24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061589Remove raw water pipes and associated infrastructureNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061578Roundabout construction and drainage worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061577Tractor with front end loader attachment & 3 point linkage PTO systemVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061561Management and operation of environment centreVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061560Hardstand worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061531Employee assistance programVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061522Sale of waterfront & mixed farming holdingNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061345Landscaping worksVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060884Banking & bill paying servicesVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060790Land & on-water development opportunitiesVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060247Litter collectionTAS24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060113Depot office upgradesQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060112Construction of showgrounds amenitiesQLD24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059033Main trunk sewer renewalNZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062946Sale of homeO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061279Sale of riverfront lodgeVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061261Forest harvesting (various works)NZ24/04/2019Closing Soon
1057133Sale of agribusinessNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1054680Sale of grain facilityNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1065162Fish food materials & machinesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1065149Air transport of tools, processing units & miscellaneous amenitiesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064962Conference room & catering servicesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064949Graphic design servicesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064682Cassava cuttings & sweet potatoesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064681Cowpea seedO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064680Peanut seedsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064661Hotel / event venueO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064654Event production servicesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064603Village savings & loan scheme incl. enterprises skills development / monitoringO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064595Health coverage on primary care & human resourcesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064588Methodology to promote responsible fatherhoodO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064536Construction of community sheltersO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064450Vegetable seedsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064449Tools, marine equipment & foodO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064410Printing of publicationsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064409Production of artwork & designsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064406Design & production of t-shirtsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064171Website managerO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064134Laboratory quality expert (health emergencies programme)O/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064042Construction equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1064039Ready mix concreteO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063933Access road intersection - construction of pedestrian refugeNT24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063912Installation of tunnel coffee dryersO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063902Raw materialsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063899Training sessions in monitoring & evaluation of public policiesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063641Training, supervision, monitoring & support of beneficiaries in computer / office technologyO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063635Training, supervision, monitoring & support of beneficiaries in commerceO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063627Develop provincial scheme, territorial land use plans & mapsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063609IT equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063598Training, supervision, monitoring & support of beneficiaries in craftsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063585Grant - Enhancing socio-economic empowerment & protectionO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063536Bean seedO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063532Corn / market gardening seedsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063524Pedal pumpsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063522Drip irrigation equipment & motor pumpsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063517Agricultural equipment & toolsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063516Chickens / roosters & food supplementsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063511Cloud based customer relationship management softwareO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063232Feasibility study & designs for water supply systemsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063159Travel management servicesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063158Interpretation and translation servicesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1063115Various painting jobsNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062456Mapping socio-economic / environmental issues & drought hazardO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062453Postal bags & weighing scalesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062407Sexed semenO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062405IT equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061963Human resourcesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061871Execution of access road rehabilitation worksO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061341Safety inspection services for electrical equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061147Office furniture & equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061145Monitoring & management of electric indicesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061136Generator & substation capacity expansionO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061126Electronic issuance, trading surveillance & reporting systemO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1061118Upgrade of dwellingsNT24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060872Sale of estateNSW24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060864Information dissemination & capacity building for greening projectO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060838Garbage compactor trucksO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060824Monitor inspections for various bridges & culvertsVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060791Technical support of audio-visual & simultaneous interpretation equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060697Rehabilitation of river bank protection worksO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060511Medium trucksO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060510Computer equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060449Print on-demand services for informational productsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1060106SWITCH to Green / water facilitiesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059986Research on comparability of TVET trainersí and assessorsí qualificationsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1059127Diesel and hybrid power generating setsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1058359Special road maintenance equipmentO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1057923Disability Access Grants ProgramVIC24/04/2019Closing Soon
1057563Second chance education & vocational learning programmeO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1056917Water resources studyO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1056914Hydraulic & hydrological model study - water supply systemsO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1051715Technical advice to understand project typologiesO/S24/04/2019Closing Soon
1062683Commercial theatre operatorNSW25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061250Primary school external paintingWA25/04/2019Closing Soon
1059765Energy savvy upgradesVIC25/04/2019Closing Soon
1057203Roads capital improvement, renewal & maintenanceO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064627Communication planO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064605Policy strengthening & local government capacity building on housing / human settlementO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064049Independent review for state of environment reportingSA25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063962Environment & social impact assessment (MPSBEE)O/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063012Workplace responses to GBV train-the-trainerALL25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062665Mining tax activitiesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1060451Site construction & power line wiring upgrade worksO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1059989Regional master plans for sustainable developmentO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1065344Business intelligence analystNSW25/04/2019Closing Soon
1065341Senior secure gateway technical specialistACT25/04/2019Closing Soon
1065226Technical writerACT25/04/2019Closing Soon
1065225Project managerACT25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064616Business intelligence leadALL25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064615Business intelligence account managersALL25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064129APS 6 business intelligence leadALL25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064126APS 6 BI account managerALL25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064007Software & data migration testingACT25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063873Cybersecurity solution architectALL25/04/2019Closing Soon
1065113Sale of commercial town centre propertyVIC25/04/2019Closing Soon
1065014Structured cabling, multimode fibre uplinks & Cisco switchO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061734Medical store & staff house constructionO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061912Tree services & associated activitiesNSW25/04/2019Closing Soon
1027619Community War Memorials FundNSW25/04/2019Closing Soon
1057188Rating account processing servicesNZ25/04/2019Closing Soon
1052622Cullerin Range Wind Farm Community GrantsNSW25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062429Sealing of municipal roadsVIC25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061247High density polyethylene rigid hulled inflatable boatQLD25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061079Veterinary servicesVIC25/04/2019Closing Soon
1065160Road transport relief of agricultural toolsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064938Microenterprise support to integrate urban refugeesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064900Field equipmentO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064898Reagent & lab materialsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064659Computer equipmentO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064571General cleaning, maintenance & house keeping servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064570Broadcast quality documentary film productionO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064566Integrated management of childhood illnessesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064559Determining emissions profile of waste-to-energy incineratorsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064535Server room layoutO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064241Quality assurance on implementation of financial information systemO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064162Rehabilitation works for sheltersO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064157Blueprint communicationsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064155Trainings on computer incident response & computer forensicsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064128AdvertisementsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064092Paddy seedsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064091FertiliserO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064084Vegetable seeds kitsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064067Living standards surveyO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064061Partnership for knowledge-based poverty reduction & shared prosperityO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064059Audit servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1064035Meteorological station & telemetry systemO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063961Environment & social impact assessment (SMARTEN)O/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063880Rehabilitation of police stationO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063872Digital promotion of campaign in internetO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063845Food processing machines & equipmentO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063813Support to topic modelling researchO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063784SuppliesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063756Project manager - headquarters extension worksO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063587Elaboration of bill on climate changeO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063580Bunkbeds & mattressesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063578Installation of LAN infrastructure, server room equipment relocation & reconnecting UPS circuitO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063573Audio-visual equipment with installation serviceO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063525Road construction equipmentO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063227Surveys on menstrual hygiene management interventionsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063154Creation of pavilionO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1063025Investment readiness accelerator programO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062630Writing & editorial services for nutrition knowledge productsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062624Event management servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062608Rehabilitation of housing unitsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062433Strategies on vaccines & immunization related implementation research activitiesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062430Warehouse servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062399Knowledge product on smart technologies for more equitable city economiesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1062031Replacement of insulation & water proof membranesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061365Implementation of small business grants & piloting of savings groupsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061347Cost-benefit assessment of mitigation options in rice production: data compilation, tools & trainingO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061084Cleaning & maintenance servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1061083Personnel servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1060826Satellite communication servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1060692Water bowsersO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1060573Third party monitoring servicesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1060448Due diligence tools and/or services for resource mobilization activitiesO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1058507WheelchairsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1058201Guard serviceO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1057210TabletsO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1056954Real time data acquisition systemO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1056152SoftwareO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1055298Construction of bridges with road approaches (Murgab, Darvaz & Rushan)O/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1055294Construction of bridges with road approaches (Vanj and Rushan)O/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1046102Substation commissioning & extension worksO/S25/04/2019Closing Soon
1060741Fire equipment maintenance audit servicesVIC26/04/2019
1063844Builders - capital works contractors (panel)VIC26/04/2019
1061618Tender portfolio management toolVIC26/04/2019
1061551Design and construction of toilet facilitiesVIC26/04/2019
1057877Stone productsQLD26/04/2019
1050055Arts and Cultural GrantsVIC26/04/2019
1060561Preschool renovationsNSW26/04/2019
1058767Construction of water reservoir roofsQLD26/04/2019
1059493Data science platformALL26/04/2019
1065086Mounting of canopies on fleetO/S26/04/2019
1064186Inventory management systemQLD26/04/2019
1059449ILE upgradeNZ26/04/2019
1056812Customer experience digital platform & servicesVIC26/04/2019
1065090Enterprise resource planning software systemO/S26/04/2019
1064394Fire alarm systemO/S26/04/2019
1064377Ravensthorpe Hopetoun Future FundWA26/04/2019
1062138Architect - operating room, ward expansion / relocation of endoscopy suiteNZ26/04/2019
1061674Sale of commercial buildingO/S26/04/2019
1061264Beach management planNZ26/04/2019
1055402Community Grants ProgramVIC26/04/2019
1062012Electrical switchboardsWA26/04/2019
1061533Construction of sports amenities buildingWA26/04/2019
1061426Maintenance of roadside gardens & traffic islandsNZ26/04/2019
1061089Specialist laundry servicesTAS26/04/2019
1063364Draft for comment: Bulk groceries & fresh produceWA26/04/2019
1064498Puma spare partsO/S26/04/2019
1061281Scoping of works consultancyO/S26/04/2019
1057521Contract management & construction supervision (package 1)O/S26/04/2019
1056816IT services and graphical content to broadband mapsO/S26/04/2019
1053111Computer & sound equipmentO/S26/04/2019
1064813Sale of jewellery businessNSW26/04/2019
1062313Mail & courier services (Coromandel)NZ26/04/2019
1062312Mail & courier services (Whitianga)NZ26/04/2019
1062311Mail & courier services (Paeroa and Ngatea)NZ26/04/2019
1062310Mail & courier services (Thames)NZ26/04/2019
1064131Cyber security & strategic gateway specialistACT26/04/2019
1062242Delivery of new digital presenceALL26/04/2019
1062966Intersection improvementsQLD26/04/2019
1062661Tree removalVIC26/04/2019
1060431Strengthening phonics instruction, classroom-based assessments & coachingO/S26/04/2019
1060357Self-propelled smooth drum vibratory rollersNSW26/04/2019
1061771Catering servicesQLD26/04/2019
1061218GIS specialist consultantO/S26/04/2019
1065296Drain pipes & fittingsO/S26/04/2019
1060286Transition Assistance Funding - Boosting the Local Care Workforce ProgramALL26/04/2019
1062909Parcel delivery (Golden Square - Eaglehawk)VIC26/04/2019
1062846Ferry service (trial)QLD26/04/2019
1062360Visitor information centre refurbishmentNSW26/04/2019
1058955Food and beverage servicesNSW26/04/2019
1062786Service and maintenance of security and building management systemsQLD26/04/2019
1061419Lease of aircraftNSW26/04/2019
1060559Domestic waste collection vehicles (operating lease finance)NSW26/04/2019
1058672Psychosocial capacity building activitiesNSW26/04/2019
1064393WASH in schools guide developerO/S26/04/2019
1065317Event managementO/S26/04/2019
1065316Design and layout of communication materialsO/S26/04/2019
1063916Sale of home with river frontageNSW26/04/2019
1063604Land parcels for grazingVIC26/04/2019
1063557Artists studio spaceWA26/04/2019
1063348Regional Arts Development FundQLD26/04/2019
1063111Management of caravan parkVIC26/04/2019
1062702Mobile catering serviceSA26/04/2019
1062543Pop up project (retail shop)NSW26/04/2019
1061973Kerbside waste collection servicesSA26/04/2019
1061882Sale of rural holdingQLD26/04/2019
1061781Community Grant FundingSA26/04/2019
1061422Stormwater & sewer replacementNZ26/04/2019
1061376Hardstand worksNSW26/04/2019
1061046Licensing of trade or business on open space (various activities)NSW26/04/2019
1061032Heavy vehicle servicing & mechanical repairs for firefighting fleetNSW26/04/2019
1061014Water and sewer serviceQLD26/04/2019
1060992Shark Bay World heritage advisory committeeWA26/04/2019
1060821Out of school hours care servicesVIC26/04/2019
1060107Project coordinator - locally managed marine area networkO/S26/04/2019
1058027Funding - Complex psychological therapiesQLD26/04/2019
1058023Funding - Child & youth mental health servicesQLD26/04/2019
1063531Consultancy for the investigation of options for the independent monitoring of catch from longline vessel transhipments in the WCPFC area.ALL26/04/2019
1061460RFP19-015 - LMMA Network International - Project Coordinator (PEUMP)ALL26/04/2019
1064217Sale of containers & contents (various types of insulation)NT26/04/2019
1059494Militarised digital altimeters, barometric test chambers and accessoriesALL26/04/2019
1064764Band for ball & street parade partyQLD26/04/2019
1064763Caterer for ballQLD26/04/2019
1061265Independent impact & evaluation specialistNZ26/04/2019
1060570Grazing licence opportunity (Torrington)NSW26/04/2019
1060108White Rock Wind Farm Community FundsNSW26/04/2019
1047144Community Development FundWA26/04/2019
1065323Truck, motor vehicles & motor cyclesO/S26/04/2019
1065093Software supplierO/S26/04/2019
1064281Operation of kioskO/S26/04/2019
1064013Car park access equipmentNSW26/04/2019
1063599Naming rights to carparkWA26/04/2019
1063050Upgrade and renovation / installation of towersQLD26/04/2019
1062689Official refuse bagNZ26/04/2019
1062494Irrigation developmentNZ26/04/2019
1062470Lease of land for cafe / kioskWA26/04/2019
1061751Footpath constructionNZ26/04/2019
1061513Sale of farming enterpriseQLD26/04/2019
1061234Sale of prime mover, pig trailer, grader & truckWA26/04/2019
1059592Sale of wine storage facilitySA26/04/2019
1059589Sale of CBD office towerSA26/04/2019
1058560Healthy lifestyle serviceNZ26/04/2019
1058445Community Small Grants SchemeTAS26/04/2019
1055881Asphalt products and bituminous emulsionsVIC26/04/2019
1055846Graffiti Prevention GrantsVIC26/04/2019
1064251Facilities management servicesNZ26/04/2019
1063471Building renovations - architectural designO/S26/04/2019
1063059Photography & video production servicesO/S26/04/2019
1062627Sale of second-hand tanker trailer unitsNSW26/04/2019
1062278Health consortium regional planNSW26/04/2019
1060485Electricity supplyNZ26/04/2019
1062581Changes to Office Fit Out and Work Station InstallationALL26/04/2019
1060910High performance liquid chromatography instrumentWA26/04/2019
1062579Lake feasibility study projectWA26/04/2019
1062189Construction of indoor training facilityWA26/04/2019
1064510Customised training and technical support for fishery stock assessment softwareQLD26/04/2019
1063191Alternative landfill daily cover systemVIC26/04/2019
1062660Road pavement rehabilitationNT26/04/2019
1062590Mail delivery servicesVIC26/04/2019
1062490Telephone systemNT26/04/2019
1062488Printer & multi-function devicesNT26/04/2019
1062328Integrated catchments & biosecurity panelNZ26/04/2019
1062182Packaged beer (incl. sponsorship / event support)WA26/04/2019
1061700Employee assistance programVIC26/04/2019
1061606Saliva drug testing - oral fluid roadside screeningTAS26/04/2019
1061483Construction of new roof incl lightingVIC26/04/2019
1061262Neurosurgical microscopeNZ26/04/2019
1060880Printing servicesQLD26/04/2019
1065233Design, develop & deploy hotspot management systemO/S26/04/2019
1065211Business coach - enterprise emerging leaders programQLD26/04/2019
1065178Production of bannersO/S26/04/2019
1065159Various inventory materialsO/S26/04/2019
1064811Lease of restaurant & barNZ26/04/2019
1064747Pick-up & motorcyclesO/S26/04/2019
1064690Monitoring & evaluation information systemO/S26/04/2019
1064580Partnership consultantO/S26/04/2019
1064576Intranet networkO/S26/04/2019
1064572Support to rehabilitation & disability activitiesO/S26/04/2019
1064568Training sessions for staff on working with mediaO/S26/04/2019
1064558Adaptation & adoption of Industry 4.0O/S26/04/2019
1064524Distributor required for PumaGas LPGO/S26/04/2019
1064521Economic & technical feasibility studies for consolidation of highwayO/S26/04/2019
1064500Dust suppressing fluidO/S26/04/2019
1064442Materials, tools & plasticsO/S26/04/2019
1064440Vegetable materialO/S26/04/2019
1064401Sale of commercial propertyO/S26/04/2019
1064248Regional assessment of hazards, vulnerabilities & risksO/S26/04/2019
1064222Transportation / vehicle hireO/S26/04/2019
1064211Financial markets development programO/S26/04/2019
1064204Playground equipmentNT26/04/2019
1064137Legal consultancy serviceO/S26/04/2019
1064093Various services for showQLD26/04/2019
1064031Agricultural equipment & suppliesO/S26/04/2019
1063934Training centre demolitionNT26/04/2019
1063866Strengthening community security & prevention of domestic violence among womenO/S26/04/2019
1063825Promotion of access to public services & capacity strengthening in evidence-based advocacyO/S26/04/2019
1063772Project management consulting (various services)O/S26/04/2019
1063753Customs digital payment consultancyO/S26/04/2019
1063607LPG cylinder delivery servicesVIC26/04/2019
1063579Support for critical child protection servicesO/S26/04/2019
1063347Funding - The Kingdom FoundationNZ26/04/2019
1063345Funding - Guy Anson Waddel Charitable TrustNZ26/04/2019
1063344Funding - Estate of Gordon Lindsey IsaacsNZ26/04/2019
1063329Support for health accountsO/S26/04/2019
1063312Country signing certificate authority managed services for ePassport applicationO/S26/04/2019
1063241Administrative servicesO/S26/04/2019
1063239Social servicesO/S26/04/2019
1063231Supervision for mining environmental liabilities remediation projectsO/S26/04/2019
1063214Mapping & perception survey of partnerships strategiesO/S26/04/2019
1063198Freeze dryer systemO/S26/04/2019
1063185Construction of centreO/S26/04/2019
1063178Fish processing facilityO/S26/04/2019
1062764Grant administrator for solar systemO/S26/04/2019
1062763Consultancy to establish Skills Development Fund (SDF) secretariatO/S26/04/2019
1062742Notice: Ferry operatorsALL26/04/2019
1062642Event managers to host food festivalVIC26/04/2019
1062610Design, development & analysis of thermal storage based concentrating solar thermal technology for industrial applicationsO/S26/04/2019
1062601Information security projectsO/S26/04/2019
1062504Construction of laneNT26/04/2019
1062207Rehabilitation of irrigation systemsO/S26/04/2019
1062090Low carbon city development - communication, behaviour & human-centred designO/S26/04/2019
1062082Low carbon city development - innovation policy & governanceO/S26/04/2019
1061828BAT/BEP in recycling facilitiesO/S26/04/2019
1061768Young initiators project evaluationALL26/04/2019
1061881Public private partnership management information systemO/S26/04/2019
1061074Baseline survey for fostering climate resilient upland farming systemsO/S26/04/2019
1060862Sale of freehold buildingQLD26/04/2019
1060835Tank constructionO/S26/04/2019
1060815Development of credit line & assessment of needs of banks for capacity buildingO/S26/04/2019
1060807Capacity building programme on conservation & management of cultural heritage siteO/S26/04/2019
1060800Event contractorO/S26/04/2019
1060586Computer equipmentO/S26/04/2019
1060473Licensing of former rural fire services shedNSW26/04/2019
1060198Under excess claims management servicesVIC26/04/2019
1059882Workstations & printersO/S26/04/2019
1058975Pipe & equipmentO/S26/04/2019
1058953Formative evaluation of early childhood intervention pilot servicesO/S26/04/2019
1057797Water network, sewer network, sewage treatment plant & pumping stationO/S26/04/2019
1057729Community GrantsWA26/04/2019
1057527Contract management & construction supervision (package 2)O/S26/04/2019
1057524Project management & capacity buildingO/S26/04/2019
1056644Grants - Strengthening role of civil society in promoting inclusive developmentO/S26/04/2019
1056009Maternal early childhood sustained home-visiting program evaluationNT26/04/2019
1055528Project works for making agriculture more sustainableWA26/04/2019
1054881Major Community GrantWA26/04/2019
1054860ClubGRANTS (Category 1)NSW26/04/2019
1054713Council hall hire for New Yearís EveVIC26/04/2019
1016929Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZ26/04/2019
1063528Development of draft competency standards, in transhipment monitoring, for Fisheries Observer training programALL26/04/2019
1057362Notice: Sale / lease of motorplex facilityWANot Stated
1057116Notice: Liquefaction field testing servicesNZNot Stated
1057045Notice: Sewer vent tube replacementsVICNot Stated
1056985Installation of pipe & fittings for automatic water systemNSWNot Stated
1056191Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
1055973Sale of business - holiday parkNZNot Stated
1055960Sale of business - digital/print magazineVICNot Stated
1055452Sale of homesteadQLDNot Stated
1055391Construction and operation of surfing wave pool facilityQLDNot Stated
1055386Land for administration buildingQLDNot Stated
1057835Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1057834Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1057825Notice: Improve access to primary health care services for CALD communitiesVICNot Stated
1057806Hosting of recreation activities, health seminars or promotionVICNot Stated
1057801MusiciansNSWNot Stated
1057787Notice: Construction of cycleway (various works)NZNot Stated
1057702Notice: Road improvementO/SNot Stated
1057604Sale of freehold commercial propertyO/SNot Stated
1057599Sale of flatsO/SNot Stated
1057593New retail outlets opportunityO/SNot Stated
1057522Shatter resistant filmO/SNot Stated
1057433Notice: Construction services - tier 2 (panel)NZNot Stated
1057426Consultancy for logistics efficiency & process streamliningO/SNot Stated
1057385Bricklayers for construction of residential housesQLDNot Stated
1057383Sale of business - cateringQLDNot Stated
1057376Sale of houseNSWNot Stated
1057370Lease of kitchen areaVICNot Stated
1057355Sale of business / assets - party venue & audio visual equipment rentalNTNot Stated
1057342Sale of business - engineering & valve manufacturerVICNot Stated
1057337Commercial / retail facility required to leaseVICNot Stated
1057159Notice: Sale of heiferQLDNot Stated
1057014Notice: Sale of impounded vehiclesSANot Stated
1056990Notice: Sale of impounded vehicleSANot Stated
1056935Guidelines for IT systemO/SNot Stated
1056775Building refurbishment and various site worksNSWNot Stated
1056771Development & operation of TMR-dairy businessNSWNot Stated
1056755Sale of freehold landO/SNot Stated
1056743Industry briefing: Refurbishments of office spaceACTNot Stated
1056727Notice: War memorial worksNZNot Stated
1056527Notice: Liquefaction hazard mappingNZNot Stated
1056522Notice: Inter-regional flight servicesWANot Stated
1056505Thinning to waste of pinus radiataNZNot Stated
1056482Notice: Personal protective clothing (PPC), formal dress, mess wear and specialist garmentsVICNot Stated
1056380Notice: Redevelopment of public housing complexNTNot Stated
1056259Sale of business (incl. land & buildings) - bowling centre with restaurantNZNot Stated
1056255Notice: Sale or lease of propertyNZNot Stated
1056216Waste collection, disposal & recycling services & cleaning servicesSANot Stated
1056211Event sponsorship opportunitiesNSWNot Stated
1056208Use of community centreNSWNot Stated
1056207Sale of freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
1056206Sale of residential flatsO/SNot Stated
1056205Sale of flats & dairy shopO/SNot Stated
1056204Sale of houseO/SNot Stated
1056132Issue of treasury billsO/SNot Stated
1056061Sale of freehold land parcelO/SNot Stated
1056059Notice: Networking forum on impact of HRM on business successO/SNot Stated
1055972Sale of business - Francesca's Italian KitchenNZNot Stated
1055967Construction of townhousesNZNot Stated
1055958Sale of trucks & trailers, storage tank, scrap metal / demolition magnetVICNot Stated
1055957Removal of sign writingTASNot Stated
1055953FundingQLDNot Stated
1055945Fresh meat products (meat & poultry)QLDNot Stated
1055758Notice: Design process to address health security issuesALLNot Stated
1055693Notice: Language programme courseNZNot Stated
1055618Sports field / hard court bookingsNZNot Stated
1055606Sale of DA approved development blockQLDNot Stated
1055577Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1055475Notice: General industrial hardwareNSWNot Stated
1055460Sale of block with river frontageQLDNot Stated
1055457Sale of dwellingsQLDNot Stated
1055448Notice: Vacuum truck, CCTV, underground locations & associated services (panel)TASNot Stated
1055442Sale of family homeQLDNot Stated
1055397Stall holders for art marketQLDNot Stated
1055394Information session: Emerging exporters program (food & agribusiness)QLDNot Stated
1055384Notice: New sports pavilion & landscaping worksVICNot Stated
1055310Notice: Demolition servicesNZNot Stated
1055290Notice: Sale of mareQLDNot Stated
1055230Sale of business - removalistVICNot Stated
1055222Youth Week Event Grant ProgramQLDNot Stated
1055120Electricians & carpentersWANot Stated
1055095Trainers and assessors - carpentryNTNot Stated
1055075Townhouse development (various works)NSWNot Stated
1055062Sale of homeWANot Stated
1055054Sale of beachside suburban propertyQLDNot Stated
1055053Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
1055052Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
1055051Sale of residential landQLDNot Stated
1054982Infrastructure bondO/SNot Stated
1054976Market stallQLDNot Stated
1054959School canteen licenceNSWNot Stated
1054879Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1054840Operation of bistro / diningNSWNot Stated
1054829Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
1054827Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
1054823Research, Commercialisation & Startup FundSANot Stated
1054753Sale of business - manufacturerNZNot Stated
1054730Notice: Business After 5 meetingNZNot Stated
1054670Notice: Property managementNZNot Stated
1054646Sale of ultrasound equipment (incl. printers)NSWNot Stated
1054631Sale of business - Japanese restaurantNTNot Stated
1054624Notice: Entrepreneurs' network forumVICNot Stated